Supervisory control

Audio warning signals indicate, when intervention is necessary, and the system also provides applications to manage, track, and log the progress of interventions. Thanks to the complex and integrated solution, call center operators can always give callers quick and meaningful responses, while not allowing the escalation of critical problems.


Map visualizations are efficiently summing up a lot of data for technicians and operators. Visualizations can help technicians and operators in analyzing and to see more into the nature of the given problem, in order get a faster response. Visualization can also help to create a shared view of a situation.

Neural network

Forecasting the lifespan of different components, helps in the scheduling of acquisitions of spare parts, and assists fine-tuning and optimizing of support operations, internal policies, and the whole organization.


The Integrated workflow improves processes in all areas of a business. It helps by identifying the unnecessary steps. Management can concentrate on strategic tasks. Also increases an individual’s work confidence level, which reflects in the quality of the outcome. Workflow follows a sequential order. It ensures that all steps have been completed correctly.


Using the Overmind system gives you a solid knowledge base of the controlled end-point machines. It provides factual data that you can use. Historical data is based on true events that occurred in the past. You can easily draw conclusions, and make the necessary decisions in certain areas.