The Overmind is a real-time system, designed from the bases to monitor and control end-point machine operations, events, making affected enterprises cheaper, more manageable, and more efficient.
The system also provides immediate benefits in assisting the tending person by recording and reporting events, malfunctions, trending the possible consequences of the given scenario, giving audio warnings, and all the helpful applications needed, when an intervention has to take place, all this through a user friendly graphical control center, turning operations and event tracking not only easily manageable, but also enjoyable.
Thanks to the complex and integrated solution, call center operators can always give callers quick and meaningful responses, while not allowing the escalation of critical problems.

Amongst the long-term advantages, the most important is the creation of a knowledge base, which consists of historical data and statistics built from the data collected at all places, from the endpoints to the servers. The analysis of this data allows forecasting of the lifespan of different components, aids in the scheduling of acquisitions of spare parts, and assists in fine-tuning and optimization of support operations, internal policies, and the whole organization.

The OverMind system features:
Platform independent → Designed to integrate different models of different manufacturers into one system.
Monitoring → Continuously monitoring(oversee) the connected parts of the machine.
Detecting → Detecting malfunctions, and events on end-point devices.
Predicting → Forecast system analyzes the past data what enables it to predict events on all devices.
End-point intelligent system → designed to create and execute predetermined actions on the components inside the machine.