How it works

After the easy install, the Watchdog immediately starts to work, creating a base of communication between each and every connected device's watchdog. The Watchdog system collects, analyzes, compresses the data, and sends the solution to the Overmind system, which processes the received data and displays the information for the user.

How it works without our system?

You have XX ATM wide-spread across the country. Every week one of the technicians has a scheduled routine road which has to be petrolled. Check every machine, refill the empty racks if it is necessary, clean it, and go to the next location. And the technician goes every week, whether if the machine is full or only misses only one piece. Furthermore! What if the technician left the place and the machine suddenly has an error, and goes out of order? You do not even notice until the technician checks it on the following week, which means zero income from that machine on the given week! How many times have this happened to you?
More than once?...More than enough!
→ Put an end to these situations! Do not hesitate to contact us!

Why is it good for you?

The answer is simple. Think about it. If you have Watchdog installed onto your machines, it's just like if you'd have a person standing always next to every machine you have.
Even more! Service travel time and cost will be reducible! Why? Own to the OverMind system your technicians will notice immediately if one or more of the machines is not functioning perfectly and they know exactly which parts need attention.