Increase security

Real-time notifications enable you to know what is happening with your machine. It helps you to improve your machine inside and/or outside. Quick and meaningful responses help you to avoid the escalation of critical problems.

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Better uptime

The Overmind system not only reports malfunctions, but also trends the consequences of the given problem, such as outages and loss of profit. Prevention and fix-up gets cheaper.

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Lower service costs

The Overmind constantly monitors and records every event, giving you a good sight of your machines inventory state, and also gives a good idea of parts which need to be repaired or changed. Preplanned service routes will keep your costs optimized.

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Dedicated solution

Choose our dedicated solution for your whole organization. We provide you a separate server with the Overmind system. So you can know your data on a trusted place.

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Service management

Operations get easier and more manageable when data is visualized in the control center, making the tracking of current events a pleasure. Audio warning signals indicate, when intervention is necessary, and the system also provides applications to manage, track, and log the progress of interventions.

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Neural Network Predictions

Forecasts and predictions help you to improve your business and to make your service plans more applicable.

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